Association Council

The 26 voting members of the Association Council are: four officers, three committee chairs, ten at-large representatives (one being a youth age 14-22), one representative elected by each cluster, one staff relations committee representative and two association co-ministers. A quorum is normally one-third of voting members (9). For matters involving appeals of the termination of standing for ministry, a quorum must be one-half of the voting members (13).

All Officers are elected by the Association at its Annual Meeting; Moderator & Vice Moderator positions: one 2 year term, not eligible for re-election; each position alternates between clergy and lay, one to be clergy, other to be lay person each term. Secretary & Treasurer positions: 2 year terms, eligible for no more than 2 consecutive terms.

Committee Members
Moderator: Jordan Manansala (Class of 2015)

Moderator-Elect: Rev. Keith Scott (Class of 2015)

Secretary: Ms. Jean Rogers-Yates (Class of 2015)

Treasurer: Rev. Malcolm Griffith (Class of 2016)

Committee Chairs/Reps (5) (Elected by the Committees)

Church and Ministry Chair: Rev. Kim Shelton, AP, Advocate UCC

Justice and Witness Co-Chair: Atty. Michelle Day, Member, Trinity UCC, Chicago

Justice and Witness Co-Chair: Rev. Anthony Sullivan, AP, God Can Ministries, Ford Heights

Congregational Life Co-Chair: Rev. Jason Coulter, Pastor, Ravenswodd UCC

Congregational Life Co-Chair: Pat Martin, Member, Trinity, UCC, Chicago

Nominating Chair: Brenda Jentink

At Large Representatives (10) (Elected by the Assn; one year term)

Bianca Fowler, member, Pilgrim Congregational Church, Oak Park (C3, Youth)

Joycelin Fowler, member, Pilgrim Congregational Church, Oak Park (C3)

Connie Bailey-El, member, Advocate UCC, Chicago (C 5)

Yuki Schwartz, Member, Wellington Avenue UCC, Chicago (C2)

Margaret Tate, member, Advocate UCC, Chicago (C5)

Lori J. Taylor, member, Trinity UCC, Chicago (C6)

Cynthia Waters, members, Church of the Good Shepherd, Chicago (C6)

William McCarthy, member, Westchesterr Community, Weschester

Cluster Representatives (6) (one from each Cluster)

Cluster 1: Dean: Susan Chamberlain-Smith, Pastor, Trinity UCC, Deerfield

Cluster 2: Dean: Rev. Jeff Carlson, Associate Pastor, St. Pauls UCC, Chicago

Cluster 3: Dean: Rev. David Antieau, Pastor, St. Niccolai UCC, Chicago

Cluster 4: Rep: Ann McCarthy, member, Westchester Community, Westchester

Cluster 5: Dean: Ms. Bertha Condra, member, Advocate UCC, Chicago

Cluster 6: Dean: Dr. Sammie Dortch, University Church, Chicago

Association Minister: Rev. Dr. Terrill Murff, ACM Chicago Metropolitan Association


Advocate Health Care: Rev. Bonnie Condon, VP for Faith Outreach

Chicago Theological Seminary:

Rev. Alice Hunt, President

Martha Stocker, Director of Annual Giving and Community Engagement

Joe Burt, Manager/ Alumni Relations

Community Renewal Society: Rev. Curtis DeYoung, Executive Director

Elmhurst College:

Rev H. Scott Matheney, Chaplain

Kim Whisler-Vanko, Coordinator of UCC Relations

Hispanic Caucus: Martha Mendoza

LGBT Coalition: Robyn Stellman

MRSEJ (Ministers for Racial, Social and Economic Justice): Rev. Leroy Sanders, Pastor, Kenwood UCC

The Night Ministry: Aidan McCormack, Community and Congregational Relations Coordinator

PAAM (Pacific Islander & Asian American Ministries): Carol Shauf, Licensed Pastor, Harvard Family UCC

St Pauls House, a Lutheran Life Community: Rev. Matthew J. Smucker, Director of Pastoral Services and Volunteers

Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network: Thomas C. Vanden Berk, President/CEO; member: St Pauls UCC, Chicago

United Black Christians: Edward Rule


CMA Budget Committee: Rev. Malcolm Griffith