Church and Ministry Committee


(27 members elected by the Association at Annual Meeting; term begins with June meeting, 3 year terms, in classes, one-third elected each year; eligible for a second 3 yr term)


Committee Officers

Chair: Rev. Kim Shelton

Vice Chair: Rev. Jeff Carlson

Secretary: Rev. Dr. Danielle Buhuro


Class of 2015

Mr. Herman Rohde, member, Trinity Community Church, Berwyn (C4)

Rev. Judy Jones, Pastor of Christ Memorial Church UCC, Blue Island (C5)

Rev. Dr. Richard Wolf, Pastor of St Peters Ch, Elmhurst (C4)

Rev. Dr. Danielle Buhuro, CPE Supervision, Advocate Illinois Masonic (C5)

Rev. Dr. Jeff Carlson, Associate Pastor, St. Pauls UCC, Chicago (C2)

Gloria Camcam, member, Mont Clare UCC (C4)

Rev. Kim Shelton, TUCC and Advocate UCC (C6)

Rev. David Stewart, Associate Pastor, Kenwood UCC (C6)


Class of 2016

Bertha Condra, Member, Advocate UCC (C5)

Dr. Eloise Cornelius, member, Cong Ch of Park Manor, Chicago (C1)

Rev. Brenda Barnes Jamieson

Rev. John Lionberger, chaplain, Three Crowns Park Retirement Community (C1)

Rev. Mark Pedigo, Counselor, Integrative Psychotherapy Associates (C3)

Kenneth E. Stewart, member, Congregational UCC, Arlington Heights (C1)

Rev. Sharon Stolz, member, First United Oak Park (C3)


Class of 2017

Ms. Dorothy Auw, member, St Nicolai UCC, Chicago (C3)

Rev. Steve Angel, pastor, Eden United Church of Christ, Chicago (C3)

Rev. Michael D. Jacobs, Associate Pastor, Trinity UCC, Chicago (C5)

Rev. Eliezer Pascua, Pastor, Phillipine-American Ecumenical, Chicago (C2)

Rev. Dr. Pam Keckler, Pastor, Glenview Community, Glenview (C1)

Rev. Gretchen Sylvester, Pastor, Bethel UCC, Elmhurst (C4)

Easter Watson, Member, Advocatge UCC, Chicago (C5)

Claudia Travis, Member, Good News Community (C2)

Rev. Clint Collins, Transitional Pastor, Lincoln Memorial UCC, Chicago (C2)

Rev. Brandyn Simmons, Pastor, Christ Church of Chicago (C2)