Congregational Life Committee

The Congregational Life Committee shall be responsible for providing opportunities for congregations within the Association to become aware of resources within the UCC at the national and conference level, within our related Institutions, and within other sources so that these congregations are able to be faithful stewards in their mission to proclaim the Gospel as viable and responsive church bodies in their respective neighborhoods, towns, and cities. (From the Constitution of Chicago Metropolitan Association)

Co – Chair: Rev. Jason Coulter

Co – Chair: Ms. Patricia Martin

Rev. Jo Carole Bundy, member, Galewood Community Ch, Chicago (C3)

Rev. Jason Coulter, Pastor, Ravenswood UCC, Chgo (C2)

Rev. Mary Beth Moran Cross, Member, Northfield Community Church (C1)

Ms. Kathy Faulkner, Member, Pilgrim Faith UCC, Oak Lawn (C5)

Rev. Malcolm Griffith, Pastor, Advocate UCC, Chicago Heights (C5)

Rev. Charlene Hill, Pastor, Good News Community Church, Chicago (C2)

Ms. Patricia Martin, Member, Trinity UCC, Chicago (C6)

Rev. Dr. Michael Montgomery, Member of Pilgrim Faith UCC, Oak Lawn (C5)

Rev. Avena Ward, AP, St Pauls UCC, Chicago (C 2)

Rev. Penny Willis, Member, Trinity UCC, Chicago (C6)

Conference Staff:
Rev. Michelle Hughes, Associate Conference Minister for Vitality, Transformation, and Sustainability
(Project Director, Thriving Pastors in Revitalizing Congregations)

Rev. Dr. Terrill Murff, Associate Conference Minister, CMA